August 1945: As Japan’s empire crumbles, the island of Java braces for the whirlwind of revolution…

"An ambitious, compelling saga of men at war, captives, forced prostitution, political dirty tricks, mob terror and murder in Japanese-occupied and revolutionary Indonesia." — (Publishers Catalogue)

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“Exquisitely written… An exciting and exactingly brutal slice of WWII history…" — The BookLife Prize in Fiction. (BookLife by "Publishers Weekly")

"The pace zips along…" — Army Rumour Service

"A good, realistic account of an incident overlooked. Well worth reading!" — Stuart Guild (27th Field Regt Royal Artillery, Burma 1944–45)  in DEKHO! (Burma Star Association Journal)


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"An ambitious, unconventional, mesmerising, ultimately compelling two-part saga of men at war, prisoners, forced prostitution, murder, political dirty tricks and mob terror in Japanese-occupied and revolutionary Indonesia. Marron gives us an almost tangible glimpse of the mayhem that was Java in 1945. His writing, infused with imaginative speculation, is sweeping, poignant, passionate and unflinching." (Publisher's Catalogue) 

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