‘Grenade’: Bronze war-art figure by Haneda Sennen (羽田千年) c.1941. A rare photograph recording this heroic or yamato damashi ('Japanese spirit’) -influenced propaganda piece celebrating the bravery of Imperial Japanese Army soldiers in the 'Great East Asia War' (dai toa asia senso). (The infantryman is poised to throw a Model 37 (1937) hand grenade, a type which features in the novels Black Sun, Red Moon and Merdeka Rising.) The sculpture was probably melted down (like many others) late in WWII, when there was a desperate shortage of metal for armaments production in Japan. The metal shortage was so acute that the Japanese even began the manufacture of ‘last-ditch’ ceramic grenades, some of which were ’thrown' by famous potters such as Kaneshige Toyo. Photo: Author’s Collection (Photo digitally restored by RM).