Front ebook cover of Black Sun, Red Moon: A Novel of WWII Java. This design shows a gendaito ('modern sword’) and shodo calligraphy for giri (‘duty’ or ‘obligation') over a red moon and/or rising sun. The blade was forged by the Japanese swordsmith Uchifusa around 1936. (See other great photos of this sword by Geoff Smith in my Gallery.) The sword mounts are fairly typical WWII shin gunto (‘new army sword’) type. (This image replaced the first cover design in August 2018. No reproduction permission required for press comment or review purposes. Reviewers and bloggers may reproduce this image provided no alterations are made, no advertising links are present (except to this title at booksellers) and no questionable or offensive language or image appears on the same page. WW2, second world war, Far East War, WWII novel, Japan